- Virtual Office -

Need help finding a prestigious address to register your company?
Need a company address of good image for marketing/exposure purpose?

Our service:
1. An address for government registration, business cards, and marketing/website.
2. Handling your mails and parcels.
3. Other discounted services including meeting room, accounting or secretarial administration.
4. All service charges may be subject to different vendors' rules in different cities/countries.

Virtual Office (VO) service purchasing process:
You can search any location below for more details. And you can also purchase this VO service directly by one click here.
Step 1: click "purchase online"
Step 2: fill in your personal and company information, read VO agreement and check "I agree".
Step 3: prepay one month of VO service fee as deposit.
Step 4: vendor confirms your VO service order.
Step 5: vendor contacts you for balance payment and VO service process.